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Governor of Poker

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Youda Governor of Poker. Play against the old western poker pros and get a hold of Texas!

Governor of Poker, a poker game like you’ve never seen before.

Do you have what it takes to play against the Pro players of the old western? Dare to join a tournament or a cash game and perhaps bet ALL IN. Does it satisfy you to totally clean the table of players and win all their cash and even their property. Do you have what it takes to become the Governor of Poker and take over all of Texas.

Play as a male or female character in this totally original poker game. Battle your way in poker tournaments and win it all. Cash, fame , properties, transport assets and perhaps a title. Earn rewards for exceptional skills and achievements. In governor of poker you can really make it, and when you make it make it BIG! From tournaments to cash games. This game features a simple property management system, a possibility to buy transport upgrades. When you make some name, you might even get newsflashes in the local papers of major events. Youda Governor of Poker brings you a trusted save game option, over hundred of different opponents all with a very sophisticated AI. Opponents really show different play styles and act differently and realistic time and time again. This a all packed in a beautiful rendered environment with stunning 3D graphics.


Governor of poker should have actually been presented to the public under the title of "garbage poker" instead of its current name. I honestly do not know who the creator of this software is? But if I am not mistaken, he or she most likely has not gone beyond six grade elementary school. Poker is a game of skills, based on odds, and percentages. But since this game is electronically played, one should play it strictly based on the odds, and percentages. Otherwise, not much of a skills needed against an emoji opponent. Otherwise pure chance. Makers of a game like this need to make sure that it is truly up to chance, and odds, and not favoritism. Otherwise not slanted in anyone's favor, including the live players and their own player who are acting as a live participants. Bing said that, the makers also need to do an extensive research to get an idea of rules, and basic protocol of the Texas-Hold-Them.

Then become 100% sure of their calculated odds, that the game is made to be played fair and square without any hints of favoritism. SINCE NOTHING WILL SINK A GAME FASTER THAN PLAYERS FEELING CHEATED.

Unfortunately, the odds in this "Garbage" pretending to be a Texas-hold-them game, the odds are stacked against the live players.

The makers of this game have no clue about something called statistic, probability,...average, mean... and so forth. No matter as a live player what you do, or how you paly, the emoji's created by the maker of this game, end up the winner. I departed with my hard earned $19.99 to play this game. And indeed I feel stupid. I played this game for 72 straight hours. And I was shocked at what I discovered at the end. Here are the odds:

1-Participating in the game with an unsuited 2/3 pocket cards.

*Global odds to make a small straight is 0.452109%

*In Governor of Poker, yours as a live player, 2.1%, opponents (Emoji's)34%!!!

You lose.

2-Pocket unsuited 2/3, to make flush, and win. Global odds:0.0023146%

*In Governor of poker: For the live player:3.14%


3-Pocket suited 2/3 cards, making a small straight flush: Global odds: 0.0039465%

*Governor of Poker. For you as a live player: odds are, .091456%

*For your opponents(Emoji's) 17.8%

4-Pocket suited or unsuited 2/3 cards to make four of a kind. Global odds:0.00005231%

*Governor of poker. For you as a live player: 1.85%

*For the opponents(Emoji's) 15.82%

Again you lose.

5-Down to your last chips (obligated to go in due to big blind) Winning in order to stay in the game. Global odds: 0.00013625%

*Governor of Poker: For you as a live player, 0.99964%

*For opponents(Emoji's)99.9999%

Again you lose.

Of course I can go on and on and give you all the odds. But I do not find it time consuming and maybe boring to some of you. Therefore I am going to stop it at this juncture.

Bottom line. The creators of this game are either psychopath or have no clue about the game of poker. For the life of me, since as a player one does not need to purchase further chips, I do not understand as to why the maker of this game have been so keen to see their emoji's constantly win at any cost. With no logical decent hands, such as you as a player having pocket aces and going all in, and then see yourself being challenged by an emoji's holding an unsuited 2/7 making it a nice straight!!! kicking you out of the game. Basically this is the obsession that the maker of this garbage have been hanging their hats on. Well the rest is up to you folks.

By the way I am a mathematician.

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19 Jun 2015

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